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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Though this site is up and running we have a long journey to unity and equality ahead of us. I hope this blog post give you strength and encouragement to join us on the road ahead.


2020 was an unprecedented year. Governments shutdown, businesses closed, injustice overtook us and a worldwide pandemic spread like never before. Liberty went dark and to many in the world looking on they wondered was this the end of us. And as both the left and the right side of the political spectrum scrambled to address all the issues we faced something remarkable happened. Those caught in the center stood up, joined forces and went to help those in need any way they could. Band With Us was born out of those turbulent times when the center of the political spectrum was needed more than ever to restore a sense of unity to America. And though we have a long way to go, the movement towards unity and equality has awakened. Never before has the cry for peace been louder and the call for unity been stronger than it is now. People across the nation, who have previously stood silent in the middle of the political spectrum, are now making their voices known. And all Band With Us seeks to do is provide a mic and a platform for those voices to be heard with the hopes that we can one day achieve those goals and resolve the issues that have built a wedge between us.

Though our issues are many, our resolve is one: To put the united back in to the United States of America. And we can do it if we work together. And that is what and why the Band With Us ideology exists. It is to get us all on the same page and singing the same tune.

So, as the man behind the band, I, Paul Lorence, stand with all of you who are tired, but not broken; challenged, but not defeated; and hurt, but not discouraged. We can do this and we will do this together. Because one this is certain to me as I look out at the vast, infinite, lifeless cosmos. No one is coming back to do it for us. It is my hope that through this website and all we are doing together that you find hope, encouragement and peace in these troubled times. And of course if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns feel more than free to email me directly at


Paul Lorence


Until We All Stand As One

#bandwithus #paullorence

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