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Elbert Senter
Nov 10, 2021
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Red blends are red wines made from a combination of more than one red grape type. However, certain red blends can be referred to as varietal wines regardless of the fact that they are made from a combination of grapes. Most of the history of European wine has been dominated by red blends instead of single varietals, as winemaking has traditionally been centered on a certain region and utilized grapes harvested from many vineyards within that region. Although well-known red mixes like Bordeaux are still popular, many red blends have been linked with substandard grades since the word implies less expensive table wines. Red blends, on the other hand, are still popular among high-quality winemakers because they allow them to customize the flavor characteristics of their wine. This allows the winery to give a wide range of distinctive and delectable flavors in its blends.

Elbert Senter

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